21 August 2012


Go ahead, guess where I'm at right now?

Well, we've checked into our room up here in Canada, and promptly ordered some Chinese for dinner. The introductory Icebreaker will be held promptly at 7PM tonight. I am making a loose pledge here, and please don't flay me if I don't come through... but I am going to aspire to have an update each night this week, as we make our way through the Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congress 2012

So long as the wireless in our room holds out, that is. 

And as a bit of a teaser for an update coming out once we've returned home from Canada...

Say hello to Cortana! That's right, I made my final decision this past weekend, and we will be bringing Lyra, the dark pink collared puppy home on the 30th of August!


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