07 August 2012

Fun in the Sun

Puppy napping is a very serious and very dangerous phenomenon sweeping through our great nati- Oh who am I kidding? No one can resist the puppy nap!

As is obvious from the above pick, jam packed with seven sickeningly adorable puppies, another visit was made this past weekend. I believe between the almost 3 hours we stuck around in the RStar back yard, the litter went through about 4 or 5 play and rest cycles. An admirable effort, to be sure. Pups are approx. 5 weeks old in these pictures. Eyes are fully open and functional. They've also started in on some dry food to spell Mommy Saba when they get too frisky with those puppy teeth!

They were investigating the usage of this strange structure in committee when we arrived on the scene...

And quickly lost interest in the thing. There was something else in the yard, flashing...

And it seemed to be attached to one of the food-bringers...

Who, despite what she may have been told, isn't actually *made* of food as well.

Why So Curious?

Escape artists in the making. Frightening part, there are only 3 females in this litter, and your looking at two of them.

Here is the third, egging one of her brothers on as he unties Bekah's shoe.
Yawn or growl? You be the judge.


Someone got caught mid-breakout... Timeout for Carina.

Ever wonder how a pack of puppies subdue a food-bringer...

...It goes a little something like that.








Quick burst of energy...

And the resulting crash...

Some curiosity...



And of course, no one wanted us to go home...

Some made a stronger case than others. Boy Hercules is going to be a heart breaker, if this expression has anything to say about it.

The rest of the photos that I haven't uploaded on the blog can be found here.

The next few weeks are promising to be busy, but I'm hoping to have a few more posts up in the coming days.

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