30 July 2012


Passion and Eloquence.... It sounds like an advert for some fancy diamond necklace at your local jeweler, right? Well don't worry, I'm not about to try and sell you an over priced rock that you're told is a symbol for something greater. Nope.

Passion and Eloquence are the two words I think best describe what you will find after this jump. If you want trouble... It's the title of a blog, written from the perspective of a Rhodesian Ridgeback breeder up in Canada. The blog follows her, her pets, and the kennel, Invictus Hounds. It's unfortunate to note, that shortly before I started this blog, she finished hers. Choosing instead to continue her own personal blog here, and to simply include some of the dog escapades there when it seemed natural.

Just because she's no longer updating the blog, however, should in no way discourage you from bookmarking it. And visiting it. Often. I may have found out about the Rhodesian Ridgeback through wikipedia, but I fell in love with the Rhodesian Ridgeback through the vicarious experiences I had thanks to Tamzin's blog. It was her passion and love for the breed and her dogs that drew me so far into this thing that I doubt I'll ever find my way out.

The blog is set up with the most recent post first. So if you're like me and need to start at the beginning, simply find the archive one the left hand side of the page and click on 2007 to start. You will soon be embarking on a journey, an epic journey that covers 5 years, 1184 blog posts, and eleventy-billion heart wrenching high quality pictures of Ridgeback's in all of their glory and shame. Tamzin pulls no punches as she opens the door and invites you into the last half decade of her and her pets lives.

You will be rewarded with unprecedented access to the daily life of a pack of Ridgebacks, and you will live through several litters of Invictus puppies. Helpful tips on training, feeding, playing. The information, insight, and experience that exists in those 1184 posts, in my humble opinion, is invaluable to a current or future fancier of this great dog breed.

Tamzin's way with the english language, her skills behind the shutter of the camera, and her devotion to the four legged is intoxicating. I dare you to visit the blog once and never go back. I refuse to believe that it is possible. If you don't fall in love with the simple minded, but huge hearted Raimi (aka The Boy), then surely the confident, conniving and snooty Foundation Bitch Halo will command your attention. If they aren't your cup of tea, then the effortlessly gorgeous but uniquely... odd Leeloo is bound to steal your heart. Not to mention the youngin, baby brother Archer who you should feel privileged to watch struggle to grow up in the shadow's of the rest of the Invictus hounds.

I'm not sure I can continue to throw words of praise down without simply gauding up the post with my exuberance. Please, her blog will speak for itself. Do yourself a favor, and visit it. I can only hope that someday, Pawed-Equivocality might help even a single person develop an appreciation for this great breed. Tamzin and the Invictus Dog Blog have already done so, in spades I'm sure.



  1. I am profoundly humbled and flattered. Makes me want to take up the pen again. We just moved to our new house with almost 4 acres ... certainly adventures continue! It has been a relief not to feel the pressure of the blog while in the process of moving but almost 3 weeks and starting to settle in I almost feel like I can face the blank page once more ...

    1. Tamzin's blog also inspired me to start my own. What you say is true. Her devotion to the breed is oustanding
      Her posts are by turn thought-provoking, funny, ascerbic, and heart-wrenching

  2. I send all my potential puppy people to her blog so they can truly gleam an understanding of what life is like with a ridgeback. I miss the blog and I know my mother missed the pictures.

  3. This is wonderful! We have a five month old Ridgeback that we got from Tamzin in March, Miss Peggy! While we were waiting until we could pick her up, the highlight of our day was waiting and reading Tamzin's blog! She is an extremely talented girl!

  4. I also miss the invictus blog and am envious of Tamzin's way with words and a lens. I must however set the Halo record straight. She is not a snooty dog, she is perfect and is fully aware of her perfection. She strives to be the best dog she can be, it is what makes her happy. I am forevery grateful to Tamzin for trusting me with her, she is the best dog I have had the privilege of living with me.

  5. AGREE with all of the above and I only own a cat! Always love reading Tamzin's blogs and often gently remind her that she needs to use her amazing skills and write a book! Well done.