28 July 2012

3 Week Puppy Visit

So the waiting wasn't unbearable... and frankly, that was starting to concern me slightly... Then we visited.

Now it just needs to be September. Now. Can you blame me? It occurred to me just about the time that this photo was taken, that if I didn't have such a firm grasp on what it takes to keep these seven puppies fed, cleaned, and content, I would have taken them all home with me. The urge was almost insurmountable. Almost.

As you can see above, the better half and I made the trip out to Ellsworth last weekend to see the puppies. And Bob and Vicky, ofcourse. Naturally Mommy Saba was a bit reluctant to grant us some visitation time, but she was soon coaxed out of the whelping room so that we could introduce ourselves, and the pups promptly chomped down on any fingertip they could find in search of sustenance.

This little gem is Carina. She and her sister Lyra are two of three puppies in this litter with Liver colored noses. She was also the first puppy to come say hello to me before immediately demanding food. :P

This here is Lyra. She was the first pup to find her way out of the whelping box (with a little help from Vicky) and into my lap.  

And then the napping started, followed by the inevitable slide...

 Maintaining a position even remotely near the lap starting point proved to be too much and before long...

Lyra settled on simply curling up beneath my legs for some beauty sleep.

Ofcourse, Lyra isn't the only puppy to have mastered the Ridgebacks penchant for unorthodox napping positions, here is Pavo doing his best to fall off of the Better Half's lap in a similar fasion.

I believe that is Zueben showing the world just what he thinks about the concept of modesty...
 Eventually my joints gave up and I needed to relocate from the floor to a chair... Lyra could not be bothered to join me.

 Carina was quick to take advantage, however and quickly found a place to snuggle in for some warm snoozing.
Here we have some rare photo-graphical evidence of the Ridgeback Triquetra.I believe Pavo, Vega (the third, black nosed female) and Lyra who finally got cold and found herself a new lap...

As I said at the opening of the blog post, I was doing fine in the patience department... but after this, not so much anymore. I want Cortana to come home. Now. However, since I'm more than aware of how important these first eight weeks are for a puppy to spend with its momma and siblings, I will persevere... somehow...

I'll try to get some more 'development' pictures up in a later post. Also we'll be having some spotlights on books about ridgebacks, another blog and more on the way...

Stay tuned!


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